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Ever notice how sometimes you do something that lands great with your partner… but another day the same action may land you in the doghouse?

If you expect to input x and always get y as a response, it’s a losing game.

The secret formula is… there’s NO formula!

Because any time you’re trying to rely on a formula you’re not being present in the moment with your relationship.

That said, there IS a framework you can use which will give you a better chance at true happiness with your partner.

Patrick and I call it A + C = P.

A is for Attention

Attention means you actually have enough of yourself available in present time that you can pay attention to what’s going on within and around you.

With attention, you can feel that right now your partner wants you to come toward them strongly. Or you can feel that right now your partner might want a little more space, so you choose to stay nearby and wait to be invited to interact.

Attention means you put your phone down and give them your undivided attention in a conversation or over dinner.

Attention is key and it’s at the heart of what we really want from one another in our relationships.

C is for Curiosity

You can’t hold curiosity and resentment at the same time. So practicing being curious puts you in a good mindset to be receptive in your relationship.

By staying curious, instead of thinking you already know what someone’s going to do or say, allows room for them to show up differently. And maybe they do, maybe they don’t, but at least by being curious, you’re leaving space open to meet each other more easily in present time. 

P is for Presence

Presence is really the sum of attention and curiosity, and is what we most crave from one another.

Presence also allows contention points in the relationship to become curiosities. 

Many relationship spats could be averted with presence, because a lot of the little irritations often happen because one or the other person in the relationship isn’t really being present and is defaulting to not really feeling the situation, and not really feeling themselves or one another.

Attention, curiosity and presence go so much further toward having a relationship feel good than any other formula you could try to figure out.

So we invite you to practice A + C = P in your relationships and watch them transform for the better!

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