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Have you ever realized that your relationship is actually like a car?

Maybe it’s working well and just needs detailing…

Or it could need a little tune up like the clutch is sticking…

Or does it need repair because something’s actually not working…

Or… MAYBE  it’s totally broken down and needs a tow to the shop?

This video is about judgment-free ways to see where you’re at. Join me and my partner Patrick in this live training as we dig into what’s really going on under the hood of your relationship.

1. The Over-Detailer

This person is constantly looking for things to fix in the relationship and can tend to be overly controlling, like someone who won’t let you eat in their car so it doesn’t get dirty. They have an anxious orientation to the relationship (and their car) and can tend to obsessively pick things apart. They also tend to be a perfectionist in other areas of their life, too.

2. The Regular Maintenance and Detailer

This person tends to their relationship on a proactive and regular basis, so nothing ever gets too out of whack. This is the kind of relationship where people have regular conversations that we call a State of Your Union conversation, where you’re each checking in with yourselves about how you’re doing mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and socially and sharing that with each other, looking at where you could support each other in having more of what you each want in those areas, as well as asking each other what your relationship needs. 

Choosing to engage a coach at this stage is a great thing to do, because your focus will be on keeping the relationship running strong and getting even better, instead of waiting for a breakdown to seek out support.

3. The Tune Up

This person waits until the engine light comes on to do something about the relationship. They wait for signals of disharmony to do something about them.

Then they tend to do something like a couples’ retreat or a vacation in an attempt to tune things up. Coaching also is a great choice here.

4. The Repair

This person tends to wait until something breaks down to do anything about it. The relationship hasn’t totally broken down, but they’ve let something go too long without addressing it.

Ideally you don’t let things get this bad before addressing them, since this level usually translates to going to couple’s counseling to repair the damage done. Coaching can still work here, but counseling might be the better fit.

5. The Total Breakdown

This person tends to wait until the relationship is totally broken down before doing anything about it, which usually means breaking up, hiring a mediator, or getting a divorce because at this point, the relationship is probably totaled.

This list is an invitation to assess yourself, like what level of work in your relationships do you tend toward? 

Once you’re clear on your default, ask yourself what you want. Are you happy with your default? 

Do you want more ability to skillfully do ongoing maintenance and detailing? If so, you might want to hire me to show you how.

Watch the full training with Patrick and me HERE.
Please note there was a technical malfunction and audio starts at 2:35. 

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