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You’re a Smart, Strong, Successful Woman Wondering Why Your Life Feels  Like It Doesn’t Quite Fit

You’ve heard the expression, “You can have it all.” And deep down you believe it…

But in your experience, success and love haven’t fully delivered on their promise of fulfillment.

The truth is, what used to fulfill you has gone flat.

You may not be quite sure what needs to change, but something’s got to give.

The good news is that you don’t have to change anything just yet, because your discontent is actually a call from your soul to go deeper within…


Allow Me to Introduce Myself…

I’m Marie-Elizabeth and I show women who have been  taking care of everyone (or working their asses off) for so long that they’re bored or burned out, how to rebirth their passions, purpose, and joy using my PassionBody Activation system.

It started over a decade ago when—in my mid-forties and unhappy—I needed something different in my marriage.

I was getting sicker and sicker, sleeping 10 hours a night and waking up still exhausted, discontent rattling around my brain on endless repeat.

We went to couples’ therapy. Since I was married to a great guy, I thought I was broken, incapable of happiness in a long-term, committed relationship.

One day I realized that wasn’t true. I was unhappy in this one and that feeling wasn’t going to go away no matter how hard I tried to squeeze myself into the “right” shape for it.

So I chose to initiate a divorce and that shifted EVERYTHING:

🌸 I ended up deeply studying relationships and sexuality for 2 years and became a relationship coach in 2015.

🌸 Also in 2015, I started living with the love of my life, Patrick, and we got married in 2023!

🌸 I learned to run everything I want to do by my PassionBody to make sure I’m acting in alignment with my soul-level truth (instead of my conditioning to be a good, appropriate girl).

Before you change anything in your OUTER life, your first step better be—so you don’t blow up the wrong thing and regret it later—to connect more deeply with your INNER truth and passion.

Otherwise known as your PassionBody!

When you go inward first, you can trust that you’re making aligned choices about what to change, because you’re choosing from the depths of your soul and not from your head, or out of self-sabotage, or based on some transient whim.

What sets my coaching apart?

  • I work at the intersection of your relationship with yourself, others, and your work, so you can live a full and vibrant life with healthy boundaries and aligned action.
  • I’ve cultivated a magical combination of exquisite listening, a judgment-free and honest perspective, and an uncanny intuition.
  • I guide you to see your patterns in a refreshing way, and discern your aligned desires, so you can make new choices with greater awareness.
  • I focus on the parallel paths of INNER WORK
    and OUTER WORK:


    • Inner work is about clarifying your values, learning which thoughts to accept and which to ignore, accessing and trusting your intuition, and falling in love with even the messiest parts of you, so you can activate your PassionBody to guide you through the ups and downs of life.
    • Outer work is about taking positive action steps, such as making clear requests, setting healthy boundaries, listening well, and consistent self-care that set you up for success in every area of your life.

My PassionBody Activagtion Method

To understand my method, it helps to understand the difference between Western Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine, which is my professional background. Western Medicine focuses mostly on treating symptoms, whereas Traditional Chinese Medicine focuses on treating the underlying terrain of the body in which the symptoms are arising, on top of directly treating symptoms.

When a body is given what it needs, like food, water, movement, and rest, it can resolve symptoms on its own unless they’re extreme, like broken bones or a 
life-threatening condition.

In contrast, focusing only on symptoms without addressing the underlying terrain keeps you locked in repeating the symptoms because the issues that cause them never get resolved.

So when you start making choices that nourish the terrain of your life, many painful symptoms, like confusion, chronic frustrations, and boredom, will resolve on their own, unless they require more direct attention.

Choices like:

  • Taking time to drop in and access your inner wisdom.
  • Communicating your wants, needs, and boundaries with ease and kindness.
  • Stabilizing nervous system reactivity and clearing resentment.
  • Addressing childhood wounding and limiting beliefs.

Part of why we’re so exhausted these days is because we’re out of alignment with the cycles of nature.

We tend to push through instead of resting, when our bodies and minds are calling for rest.

We tend get stuck in our drivenness and forget to open ourselves to our deeper wisdom on a daily basis, which would allow us to have more ease and alignment in life.

My method integrates the PassionBody Alchemical Wheel, which teaches you how to align your focus and activities with the cycles of nature, so you’re optimizing your energy and clarity as you powerfully take aligned action (so you never burn out again).

I’d love
to show you how to activate your PassionBody and live in alignment and joy

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This quiz will help you discover your PassionBody Archetype and what to focus on next to create the jaw-dropping life you desire.

Client Stories

David Ayllon

Marie-Elizabeth is a highly intuitive coach.

“She was able to indentify and give voice to a very old pattern of mine that had been wrecking my personal intimate relationship with my partner. The congruence this created has allowed me to be a more fully expressed woman, showing up more powerfully in business, in my relationship, and as a mother. I highly, highly recommend her.”

Krisha Young

Rae Leiner

I felt so cared for at Marie-Elizabeth’s retreat in Mexico!

“I came wanting to work through what the next level of relationships and business are for me. She’s trained in so many different ways to help you uncover what the core of what’s happening is and how to gently work through that and set goals and small actions that you can take to truly make not just what you think you need to work on better, but so many other things better, too.”

Julie Miller Davis

Penni Echols

Marie-Elizabeth’s compassion is beautiful and inspiring.

“I wanted to create a better relationship with time management, so I’d have more quality time to spend with my partner. My biggest win was increasing my awareness of seeking my own pleasure, which which allowed my heart to open to being more loving in general. She’s very knowledgeable and supportive and has clear actions to take that make significant changes.”

Victoria Theodore

Fun Facts About Me

  • I’m a two-time TEDx speaker and Oxford Talks Orator. Click here, here and here to watch my talks.
  • I grew up in three cultures: American, Venezuelan, and Swedish, speaking three languages since the age of three, feeling like an outsider in all of them until I learned to source my belonging from within.
  • I have a Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and another in poetry.
  • I still remember a poem in Mandarin that I memorized in college.
  • I’m a really good dancer.
  • I own a hyperbaric chamber.
  • I love to dive with sharks.
  • To learn more about my poetry and underwater photography, Click here.

Our Company Values

Love is at the core of what we do

We do this work to liberate love, connection, and awakening in the world. We move from love and connection as we communicate clearly, set boundaries, celebrate wins, and face challenges.

Growth is better than perfect

Our business exists to expand growth and alignment in our clients’ lives. We grow by bringing excellence and self-responsibility into our team interactions without expecting each other to be perfect, so we can serve our clients at the highest level.

We walk our talk

We’re growth-oriented, creative, loving, self-aware, honest, and kind with each other and with the people in our own lives, so we embody what we want our clients to learn.

We live well-rounded lives

We take time for introspection, pleasure, and fun, alongside our passion for work, knowing that a well-rounded life in which being is as valued as doing is where the real juice is at.

Lift others as we climb

As Toni Morrison said, “…just remember that your real job is that if you are free, you need to free somebody else. If you have some power, then your job is to empower somebody else. This is not just a grab-bag candy game.” We bring equity and opportunity into what we do and we practice philanthropy through the business and in our own lives in the ways that are resonant for each of us.

We celebrate wins and learn from lessons

To expand our capacity to hold and share more good, and to raise our current upper limits, we celebrate our and our clients’ wins and take responsible action on what needs to be improved.

Results are the new black

When our clients win, we win. We are results-focused in how we serve the company and our clients.