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Maria Elizabeth

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Hi I’m
Marie-Elizabeth Mali

I’m on a mission to help women ditch their “good-girl” conditioning, so they can be their full, unique, quirky selves and live a life that feels true to who they are — not who they’re “supposed” to be.

What’s  Your PassionBody?

Your PassionBody represents the deeply intuitive, soulful, and sensual part of you that knows what you truly want…

… and has the power to manifest it.

Let’s contrast it with your PrettyBody.

Your PrettyBody is old, outdated currency. Like the two-dollar bill. 

It’s what you traded on for the first half of your life — when your self-worth was based on looking hot, being nice, following the rules, and begging the world to like you.

At some point, this currency stopped working for you. Maybe you feel it running low, or maybe you’re not interested in it anymore. 

That’s where your PassionBody comes in. 

Activating your PassionBody means getting in touch with your core passions, pleasures, and purpose. 

It’s about shedding limiting beliefs, stories, and habits that keep you compliant and small, so you can boldly express your most real self.

When your PassionBody is activated, you become magnetic and attract aligned relationships and new opportunities.

Your PassionBody connects you to your sensuality, creativity, intuition and power, guiding you to live according to your soul’s wisdom over other people’s expectations.

It’s an inexhaustible currency because you’re now in your own, real-ass flow, allowing you to experience deep fulfillment and make your greatest impact in this next stage of your life.

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