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Private Coaching

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If You Don’t Focus on Your Relationship with Yourself, Life Won’t Get Better

Tell me if this sounds familiar:

You work long hours doing what you love and it’s hard to give yourself true time off.

You stifle your expression in your relationship — what if your partner can’t handle all of you?

And you find yourself wondering, is this all?

Before you know it, YEARS have gone by and you’re not getting what you need.

You’ve read the books, done the seminars, the therapy, the retreats, and you’re still not accessing the depth of joy and fulfillment you want.

As high-powered women, we so easily distract ourselves from what really matters in life: love, connection, and to feel “on purpose” and in alignment with ourselves.

We might even stop believing that we CAN have the depth of passion and joy our hearts crave.

But are you really content to live your life without feeling the depth of passion and flow you know is possible?

You can have it.

Here’s What it Takes

It takes honest conversations and solid boundaries.

It takes prioritizing what lights you up and asking for what you want.

It takes letting go of ‘shoulds’ and obligations.

It takes looking at your current patterns with grace and kindness.

It takes accepting and alchemizing past wounds and disappointments.

I’m not going to lie: this won’t change overnight, but it can change and it doesn’t have to feel so hard.

I Can Show You the Exact Steps
To Create the Life & Love You Want

If you want to thrive at any age…

If you want to know whether it’s time to deepen your relationship or move on…

If you want the self-trust to change your life with confidence…

If you want to stop overworking and have more pleasure and flow…

…here’s how I can help you:

Woman with black-framed glasses and red lips looking at the camera with the text Get Aligned AF—For the woman ready to let overwhelm slide off you like a slab of butter off a hot potato.

Aligned Action Plan Session

If you’ve been feeling like your life is chaotic and you’re grinding away but not seeing the results you want—whether it’s that new dream client reaching out to you (no chasing required), or that partner who fully loves and gets you—the issue is you could be out of alignment and THAT’S what’s blocking you from getting into an easy flow.

Imagine feeling buoyant, clear-minded, and free from self-criticism, doing what you love most, and experiencing those “YES! I LOVE THIS!” moments. Being Aligned AF doesn’t happen by chance—it’s the result of syncing up your body, mind, and spirit, trusting in yourself and your choices.

We’ll dive into a transformative self-assessment of eight vital pillars of your life and you’ll leave with a clear, Aligned Action Plan for the top 1-2 priorities that show up to be addressed.

You’ll leave with:

  • Relief: Get clear on exactly what’s working and what you want to change.
  • A Clear Plan: Walk away with your Aligned Action Plan for your top 1-2 priorities that show up in your assessment.
  • Confidence and Motivation: Gain both by working with a master strategist (that’s me!) to define your clear path to feeling like you’re firing on all cylinders and in flow in your life.

Breakthrough Intensive

In this two-week, customized program, we’ll get to the root of a pattern that’s been getting in the way of having the love and success you want and get started on shifting it through a targeted action plan and training your brain for success.

After your Breakthrough Intensive, you could choose to enroll in quarterly Breakthrough Intensives, my PassionBody Hub community, ongoing private coaching for 6 months or more, or attend my delicious women’s retreats in Mexico.

What would it mean to you to put aside any limiting beliefs around being able to create life on your terms in alignment with your deepest passions?

With a 2-hour kickoff call and Voxer access throughout the two weeks, and a final wrap-up call, you’ll have all the support you need to break through the main pattern holding you back.

The life you desire is possible! Get started by taking the "Grown-Ass Power" Quiz and discover what missing pieces are stopping you from creating a turned-on and tuned-in life, guided by your PassionBody!

Client Stories

Patty Wells

I’ve reaped the benefits of this work in every aspect of my life!

“I wanted to work on making sure my relationship was well taken care of and ended up improving on myself, so I’ve reaped the benefits of this work in every aspect of my life.”

Patty Wells

Kathryn L

Marie-Elizabeth is a great coach who is able to facilitate deep transformation in a subtle, gentle way.

Having better boundaries is liberating and the concerns I brought to our work together aren’t a big deal anymore because I’ve shifted so much. I’ve stopped boxing myself in.

Kathryn L.

Matthew Mcnerney

I’ve never worked with anyone as discerning and brilliant as Marie-Elizabeth.

“Our work together was more effective than decades of other efforts and approaches. I would highly—HIGHLY—recommend Marie-Elizabeth for anyone deeply committed to bringing meaningful change to their inter-and intra-personal relationships.”

Matthew McNerney

Rae Leiner

The coaching feels like some advanced alchemy!

“Since engaging in this program I’ve been diving deeper into my own self-work because I’m seeking to create more spaciousness for hard conversations and change work. It’s been generative to be in a space where people are talking about a mix of these issues.” 

Rae Leiner

Elena Williams

I feel much more accepting and compassionate towards myself.

“Since coaching with Marie-Elizabeth, I am better at regulating myself in my interactions with my husband, and accepting myself has been a big contributor to that. I liked her style and appreciated the ongoing accountability for the growth work.”

Heidi Garcia

Jade Ramos

“The stuff in my head and heart feels normalized.

“I now also have a rich toolbox and resources to navigate and thrive in relationships, and to nurture the connection and allow it to fully blossom. I’ve learned ways to alchemize everything! I have a strong sense of self, and am clear about how I move in the world, in relationships and in the things I want in my life.”

Almira Bardai