Get Ready To Activate Your Power
at a Whole New level

“The woman you are today is the woman who is in the way of the woman

you want to be in the future.” —Sandra Yancey

Over and over again, successful women tell me they KNOW they want to prioritize their connection with themselves—plus their growth and well-being—and it just doesn’t happen.

If that’s you, you’re not alone and it’s not your fault. I’ve SO been there.

I used to make sure to get everything done for everyone else before I’d take care of myself. And it showed.

My clients got the best version of me, my partner got the leftovers, and I got the dregs.

I was resentful as hell, though I tried not to show it.

And then I went to a women’s retreat in 2018 in Costa Rica designed to help me embody my own pleasure and connect more deeply with myself.

For once, I didn’t have to do anything for anybody else.

Through being deeply held in the retreat container, I saw how much I’d been holding for everyone else. 

I saw how much I’d been longing to put it all down, so I could have space to return to myself, fill up, and clarify my vision and priorities again without the daily pressure of attending to others’ needs.

I received. I opened. 

I accessed a deeper octave of my own power.

marie elizabeth mali

And the shocker: I had the biggest revenue month to date in my business when I got back and my relationship felt even better than before.

It was mystifying. 

How could something so seemingly selfish — like traveling to a beautiful country and being held and pampered on a retreat — lead to such a huge shift?

💥 Because I got clear about my priorities and moved my well-being to the top of the list.

💥 Because I dropped a boatload of resentment as I filled my own cup, so I could experience more love and connection.

💥 Because I felt good inside, which made me more magnetic.

That’s why I created the PassionBody Activation retreat just for you…

4 full days of self-reflection, breakthroughs, pleasure, and play at our luxury villa in Mexico, for you to be deeply held in a gorgeous and abundant environment as you put your burdens down, fill your cup, clarify your vision and action plan, all while embodying your magnetic power to make your dreams come true.

Upcoming Dates:
Jan. 21st – 26th, 2025
April 22nd – 27th, 2025

Ready to chat about joining us?

What clients say…

Is this you?… 

    • You’re ready to stop running yourself ragged in your personal and professional life.
    • You’re growth-oriented and want a deeper connection to yourself and Source to allow ecstatic love, inner power, and flow to fuel your creative expression in the world and your relationships.
    • You know that prioritizing your well-being and expansion are KEY to creating the well-rounded life you desire.
    • You’re ready to stop driving yourself so hard and allow your PassionBody to guide you. Your PassionBody is what I call your inner compass that knows what you want down deep in your soul and has the power to go get it. Your PassionBody’s NOT caught up in what others or society have told you about who you should be or what you get to have, so you have full permission to go big with your dreams, if that’s what you want!
    • You’re excited to get away from the daily chaos and have space to connect more deeply with yourself, imprint the lived experience of ease and abundance into your nervous system, and clarify the next level of your life in a carefully curated community of powerhouse women.


    If this is you…

    … then you’re invited to apply to attend

    the next PassionBody Activation retreat

    Here’s some of the magic we’ll create together…

    Direct coaching and PassionBody Activation Exercises with Marie-Elizabeth

    • To clarify and shift beliefs and behavioral patterns that have gotten in your way and no longer serve you. You’ll befriend yourself more deeply and activate a more powerful way of being and expressing yourself in your relationships and the world.

      Rewire your brain and body with interactive and meditative exercises

      • You’ll learn proven practices to help you regulate your nervous system, align your mind, and relax and strengthen your physical body so you can embody your deepest desires and make them a reality.

        A luxurious ocean-view villa in Mexico, including beach access

        • You’ll stay at our gorgeous home in San José Del Cabo, where you’ll self-reflect, vision, relax, play, and connect with a carefully curated group of conscious women and imprint the feeling of REST and RECEIVING deep in your bones. 

          Professionally Prepared Meals

          • Healthy, delicious, and delightful meals prepared by our personal chefs and at exquisite high-end local restaurants.

            Unique, One of a Kind Local Activities

            • Los Cabos is a special, magical place. Examples of possible activities (depending on availability, theme, participants, and season): breathwork session, sound healing, temazcal (sweat lodge), Sacred Cacao Circle, cooking class, ocean excursion (in winter we see WHALES!), visiting a local crafts and farmer’s market, and more.

               Integration Calls

              • Two group integration calls afterwards to help with accountability and implementation once you get home, so you can navigate the inevitable dip that happens after a profound opening with skill and grace.


                What clients say…


                —The PassionBody Activation retreat includes…

                PassionBody Activation training and coaching with Marie-Elizabeth (value $12,000)
                Curated group experiences and brain training exercises (value $4000)
                Lodging (value $1200)
                Meals (value $500)
                Transportation (value $600)
                Integration Calls (value $1000)
                Bonus access to our PassionBody Hub
                Community for 30 days prior to the retreat ($197)

                Total Value: $19,497

                Your Investment:
                Shared Room—2 women with own bath: $4000 (until June 1, 2024, then it goes up to $5000)

                Single Room with own bath: $6000
                (until June 1, 2024, then it goes up to $8000)

                “I’m often the one who’s the guide and has all the answers and need someone a bit further down the path than I am. Marie-Elizabeth is a phenomenal teacher and guide. I looked at a lot of programs, resorts, and spas, and she brings together the best of all the worlds, carefully curated and woven to create an experience that I guarantee you’ve never before and likely won’t find anywhere else.” —Suzanna Mathews

                What clients say…

                Hi, I’m Marie-Elizabeth

                As the founder of Relationship Alchemy® and the PassionBody Activation™ retreats, two-time TEDx Speaker, and host of the Relationship Alchemy podcast, I help women connect more deeply with themselves and communicate more effectively in every area of their lives.

                My clients transform patterns of thinking and behavior that get in the way of love, connection, and success in relationships and business.

                Drawing on my Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and over 20 years of working with clients, I teach people how to show up as authentic leaders in their relationships and work instead of twisting themselves to fit in.

                My work has been featured in Thrive Global, SWAAY, and Forbes.

                I’m also a philanthropist and published author with an MFA in Poetry from Sarah Lawrence College, and an underwater photographer who has a thing for sharks.

                Now I’m on a mission to serve women leaders in activating their PassionBody in the second half of life, so they can live with more clarity, alignment, love and pleasure, and feel fully loved and supported in being successful, vibrant AND fulfilled.

                What sets my work apart?


                • I bring together over 30 years-worth of study and tools for health, personal development, and spiritual growth into a practical, proven, and compassionate framework that gets deep results.
                • I walk my talk. Everything I teach and guide you to do in your life I’ve done in mine.
                • I focus on the parallel paths of INNER WORK
                  and OUTER WORK:
                    • Inner work is about clarifying your values, learning which thoughts to accept and which to ignore, and falling in love with even the messiest parts of you, so you can activate your PassionBody to guide you through the ups and downs of life.
                    • Outer work is about taking positive action steps, such as setting healthy boundaries, making clear requests and listening well, as well as prioritizing consistent self-care that set you up for success in every area of your life.

                  Are you IN?

                  Let’s connect first to make sure we’re both a 100% HELL YES to working and playing together in this transformative way…

                  What clients say…

                  Travel and Lodging Logistics…

                  The airport code is SJD

                  We’ll provide transportation to our home on arrival day and back to the airport on departure day. Once you get yourself to Mexico you’ll be 100% taken care of until we drop you off at the airport on the final day.

                  You’ll stay at our home in shared rooms with one roommate. We’ve found that some of the most amazing friendships and bonds are formed between roomies… pretty incredible, really! 

                  Want to stay longer?

                  If you want to come earlier and/or stay later, you’ll be responsible for your own airport transportation and hotel accommodations. I’m happy to make recommendations! We’ll pick you up from your hotel on Tuesday and/or drop you at your hotel on Sunday if you’re staying in San José Del Cabo. 

                  Frequently Asked Questions…

                  What if I test positive for COVID or can’t travel for another reason? Can I get a refund?

                  Please, please, please buy travel insurance that covers having to cancel due to illness or natural disasters.

                  There will be no refunds issued for illness or travel issues.

                  What if I change my mind? Can I get a refund?

                  You may request a refund up to 48 hours after placing your deposit. After that time window, your investment becomes non-refundable, though if something unimaginable happens we can discuss the possibility of applying your investment to another program or a later retreat.

                  I have food sensitivities and a restricted diet, will there be anything for me to eat?

                  I’ll send out a survey in advance of the retreat, so we can accommodate your food sensitivities and preferences.

                  I haven’t flown internationally in a while. What’s required?

                  Bring your passport with at least 6 months left on it, just to be safe. 

                  You’ll be given a visa on arrival to Mexico in the form of a stamp in your passport.

                  Your airline may send you an email with a link to fill out a contact tracing form required by the CDC, so keep your eyes out for that and fill it out as requested.

                  What’s the mask policy?

                  Masks are optional, but bring masks with you just in case.

                  I’m afraid to drink the water. Will safe drinking water be provided?

                  At our home, in addition to the drinkable filtered water, we’ll provide bottled water in 5 gallon bottles, so you can refill your personal water bottle throughout the day, cutting down on single use plastic waste.