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We all know that our relationships are important, but sometimes they need a little tune-up. 

It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day of life and lose sight of what’s important. Before things spiral out of control, it’s time for a Relationship Reboot.

In this video, we show you how taking some time away can help strengthen your relationship. Whether you go on a weekend getaway or just spend some quality time at home, these 5 tips will help you reconnect with your partner and revive your relationship.

1. Be mindful about how you choose what you do

You have to be mindful of how much nourishment each person in the partnership is getting from the activities you choose to do. 

Make sure there’s room for both of you in the vacation plans, especially if you have differing travel styles and differing needs for activity and rest.

2. Don’t be a vacation martyr

Speak up! If your vacation is very active, because one partner loves to see and do all the things, and you’re someone who needs more rest, speak up about that. Take a day off from the vacation, stay back, go to bed, or take a nap, whatever you need. 

And vice versa, don’t feel like you have to stay in bed or lie on the beach the whole day just because your partner wants to do that. Give yourself permission to plan a fun activity and meet up again afterwards.

3. Don’t pack activities into every moment of the trip

Whether you like more spaciousness or a more packed schedule on your vacations, make sure you don’t pack activities into every moment of the trip.

Leave space for spontaneity, for bumping into someone in the street who turns you on to some restaurant on the other side of town that you wouldn’t have otherwise known about. Now you have time to go there because you didn’t already have another plan. 

4. If you’re rebooting at home with a staycation, set a clear container of time

Whether it’s an evening, a day, a weekend, or a week, set a deliberate container so you can approach the time together differently than your default mode.

Decide that this time is going to be about nourishing your connection and then leave space in that time to feel into what feels most resonant.

You could have some scaffolding, like if it’s a weekend, you decide that on Saturday night you’ll eat over here, and Sunday you’ll have brunch over there, but the rest of the time you could leave open and see what you feel like doing. 

5 Create a list of activities so you’re not reinventing the wheel every time you take time to nourish your Union 

Start with a list of restaurants you like or want to try. The worst thing is to wait till you’re already hungry to decide where to go, because you’ll default not to what you truly desire, but to what’s easy and what’s closest. 

Whereas if you have a list that you made when you weren’t hungry of places you know you like or that you really want to try, then you can go down that list and see what sparks joy in the moment.

Also create a Pleasure Menu with lists of exercise or movement activities (like hiking, walking, dancing), restful activities, sexy activities, spa-like activities… whatever’s pleasurable for you!

If you like spreadsheets, make a spreadsheet. If you prefer lists in an app on your phone, then do that. Make it super easy and get it done before your dedicated staycation time.

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