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We all know the importance of taking time for ourselves, and it’s hard to do when we’re so busy. 

It can feel like a luxury to take that time, especially when you’re feeling overwhelmed and stretched thin. You may feel like you don’t have time for a break, but the truth is that taking time for yourself is essential to your overall well-being AND the health of your relationships.

In this video, I share three reasons that taking time for yourself can improve your relationships and overall life. When you feel good mentally and emotionally because you’re taking care of yourself, it makes every area of your life better.

When you take time for yourself…

1. You convey to yourself that you matter

This impacts all your endeavors for the better because when you put everybody else and everything else before your own well being it communicates to yourself that you don’t really matter. Everything else matters more.

If you’re coming into your interactions, knowing that you matter, if you come into the work tasks of the day, knowing that you matter, the whole energy shifts around what you’re doing.

You show up powerful, you show up clear, you show up centered, and it’s easier to set boundaries, because you know you matter. 

2. You show others what it’s like to be a person who cares for yourself

By making sure you take time for yourself and putting your own well being in the forefront, you’re providing a template for them to learn how to do it for themselves. 

If you have any inner voices that tell you it’s selfish to take time for yourself when other people need you, you could flip that by considering it a generous act because you’re showing them the importance of taking care of themselves.

3 You’ll bring more energy and focus to the people you love 

You can love on your people more when you’re filled up. 

As Lisa Nichols says, it’s important to keep your cup full and love from the overflow, to love from the saucer. 

I guarantee you that loving like that is going to feel way better to your loved ones than emptying yourself out and exhausting yourself in the guise of love. 

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