Watch the full training HERE. NOTE: Audio begins at minute 7, so skip ahead to there.

When it comes to following our passions in life, sometimes we can be our own worst enemies. 

We might tell ourselves things like, “Who am I to do what I want?,” or, “I’m not good enough,” or, “What if I fail?” 

Or we might not even trust ourselves to know which passions to act on and which to let go.

But what if we could silence those mistrusting voices and allow ourselves to be truly led by our passions instead? 

In this video, I share three tips for allowing yourself to be led by your passions without getting taken off-course or blowing up your life.

I call these the 3 Ds of allowing yourself to be led by passion.


It begins with a decision. And the decision is to be willing to get to know yourself at a deeper level, so you can get clear on what you’re really passionate about. 

And to give yourself permission to follow your passions, whether they conform to what your family and society and everybody else wants for you or not. 

That’s a decision you’ve got to make. 


The second D is to discern which of the things that you’re passionate about do you want to actually pursue. 

Because we don’t necessarily go after every single thing we’re passionate about, especially if we have agreements with people that going after that passion would break.

I don’t recommend doing that. I recommend either renegotiating your agreement or sticking to your agreement. 

But that doesn’t mean you can’t allow yourself to know what you want or, or even feel a desire, or check in with what you’re passionate about.

I think that’s a spot where we get confused. Like, we don’t even want to open the door to the possibility of feeling a passionate desire for something, someone, or an experience and often don’t even allow ourselves to feel that we keep it so buried so deep down, because we’re afraid of what would happen if we actually let ourselves feel that passion.

What I’m advocating for instead is full permission to feel the range of what you want and are passionate about. And then discern which of the passions you want to actually pursue. 


The third D is to do. It’s to take action in the direction of your desires. 

Because passion and desire and dreams all stay in the imaginal realm until we start to take action toward them. 

There’s a reason this framework goes Decide, Discern, and then Do, because if you just do willy-nilly without discerning which passions are worth pursuing, you’re gonna burn yourself out. You’re going to exhaust yourself and be spread too thin. 

But if you discern which ones are worth pursuing after you decision, and then you take actions toward them, that’s how you build a life that is beautiful, truly yours, truly fulfilling, and exciting. 

Watch the full training HERE. NOTE: Audio begins at minute 7, so skip ahead to there.

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