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revive your radiance Series

This is your free ticket to exploring a deeper connection with your body, uncovering your true desires, and stepping into your full power, all tailored for the unique journey of midlife.

Feeling disconnected, unclear, and invisible amidst the shifts in your life and body can be isolating, but you’re not alone. Many women between the ages of 35-55 share your struggles, especially with:


  • Feeling flat, bored, and derailed in your current life.
  • Lack of clarity on your ongoing purpose and desired impact.
  • Perfectionism blocking your true self-expression and freedom.
  • Disconnection from your power and sexuality.
  • Fear of becoming invisible, impacted by negative messages around aging.

This 7-Day Series guides you through daily, bite-sized, transformative content. From your quiz results to private podcast episodes, and more, I’ve designed each potent piece to unlock your passion and potential.

Day 1

Deep dive into your dominant archetype.


Day 5

Navigate change with the PassionBody Alchemical Wheel.


Day 2

 Introduction to awakening your PassionBody.


Day 6

Leveraging personal growth for better relationships.


Days 3 & 4

Delve deeper into archetypes, strengths, weaknesses, and the secrets to mastering your essence.

Day 7

Connect with like-minded women in our Community.


Embrace midlife as your time to shine – our series will guide you to see yourself in a new light, discover untapped strengths, and connect with a community that understands and supports your journey.


  • See yourself clearly: Uncover your archetype to navigate life with confidence.
  • Move forward with purpose: Use your strengths and overcome weaknesses to live with intention.
  • Never feel alone: Join a community of women who share your journey and goals.
  • Reframe midlife: See this life stage as an opportunity to break free from past limitations and step into your power.
  • Embrace growth: Foster a mindset that welcomes aging, passion, and joy.