Since many of us aren’t going anywhere for the holidays this year, and 2020’s been a shizzbang overall, I wanted to share some of my fave pieces of tech that help keep me, and my clients who choose to use them, relatively sane.

I say relatively because, I mean really, who’s sane all the time these days, especially when you’re waking up surrounded by the same four walls for what seems like the 6,974,538th time?

Anyhoo, I use and recommend these three pieces of tech (and a bonus practice at the end . . . Stay tuned!) to help get a handle on your nervous system and show up centered and stable in the face of whatever shenanigans life decides to shove in your face next.

In case you care about such things, I’m not an affiliate for any of them. I recommend them because I want you to have a banging 2021 and an easier time with your loved ones, since I’m all about teaching you how to show up in your relationships as the person who can invite the depth of love into your life that you want to have.

Note: Use of any or all of these pieces of tech has been shown to reduce the chances of biting a loved one’s face off because they said something stupid or smashing a plate on the floor.*

*Ok, I made this up . . . but it’s true. Believe me.

1) Inner Balance by Heartmath

This sensor and free accompanying app teach you how to shift your state from stressed to emotionally balanced by training yourself to self-generate a highly efficient physiological state called HRV coherence.

Hearthmath has been studying heart rhythms and how they correlate to emotional states for over 25 years. They’re my favorite go-to recommendation for clients who need to learn to better regulate their nervous system.

And they’re having a 25% storewide sale right now! Get in on that sale HERE.



2) The Muse Headband

Their tagline is “Meditation made easy” and it’s true!

How many times have you sat there wondering if this meditation thing is a colossal waste of time? Or avoided starting because you didn’t want to see just how whacked out and busy your mind is?

The Muse headband gives you real-time feedback on what’s happening in your brain as you meditate, playing sounds through the app that let you know when your mind is more active and when it’s more calm, so you can train your mind to do more of the calm stuff!

Get the goods HERE.


3) Sensate

The Sensate device tones your vagus nerve as you relax with it. Each session is a synchronized soundscape that is both felt and heard, with the Sensate vibrating on your chest and sounds playing in your ears. In just 10 minutes a day you can tone and strengthen your vagus nerve, which helps you access and stay in a calm and resourceful state.

I find that when I use the Sensate for 10 minutes before I meditate with the Muse, more of my Muse session is spent in a calm state. This shit actually works!

Grab your Sensate HERE.


4) Holden Qi Gong

Recently, I fell back in love with Qi Gong. I practiced it in the 90’s in my Master’s program in Chinese Medicine and then fell off of regular practice.

I was introduced to Lee Holden’s teachings by a mentor of mine and love the ease of delivery online and his clear and relaxed teaching style.

To check out his classes and legit Qi Gong bona fides, go HERE.

I’ve signed up for his monthly video subscription, since I get bored superfast if I’m doing the same routine all the time. For a small monthly fee, you get access to 8 new classes a month and you don’t even have to get in your car or out of your jammies to do it! #winning

To get in on the video subscription and incorporate some awesome healing movement in your life, go HERE.


There you have it! My recs for supportive tech that will help you and your loved ones stay sane this holiday season.

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