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It can be hard to let go of things that are important to us, especially when it comes to our relationships. 

We all know that holding onto anger, resentment, and grudges is bad for our health and relationships, but it can be so hard to let go.

Today I’m going to talk about 4 ways to let go and focus on what matters.

1. What level of desire is it?  

Is it a surface-level desire that’s a nice-to-have that you could let go of? A desire that’s not actually that big a deal, even though you’re fixated on it right now? 

Or is it a deeper desire that you want to spend energy advocating for because it really does matter and it might even be at the level of a need?

2. How clearly have you communicated about this desire?

Did you kind of hope it would happen? 

Did you float a vague phrase about it and hope that whoever heard you got that you wanted it? 

Or were you super clear about this being something important to you that you want, so how can you make this happen together?

If you’ve not yet been clear about your desire, and you’re resentful because you’re not getting it, the letting go that needs to happen is your commitment to vagueness. 

You need to give the people you love a better chance to love you and give to you in ways that feel good to you by being clear about what that looks like. 

Don’t punish them for not knowing how.

3. Do you assume you have to fight for what you want?

If so, THAT could be the letting go that you need to do, which is letting go of the idea that you have to fight for your desire. 

Instead, try on the stance that the people who love you actually want to give to you. They want to love you. They just may not know exactly the best way how and it’s on you to teach them how to love you well.

4. How rigid are you being? 

Are you only allowing a desire to come to you if it comes in a certain way? Are you asking the universe to work through a straw?

Be clear about your desire and open your receptivity instead. You’re at choice in how you respond to what comes toward you in life and your freedom rests in remembering that.

That’s what matters. Not that what you want comes to you exactly in the way that you’ve decided is the only and best way it should come, but that you be a gracious receiver of it in the way that it shows up, trusting that there’s a reason why it’s showing up in the way that it currently is.

Watch the full training HERE.

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