wisdom expander intensive


This is for you if…

  • You want to learn how to establish and sustain a wisdom-driven life that supports your ambitions
  • You’re ready to get clear and take action on what’s currently impacting your success and create a new Action Plan that serves you and everyone involved
  • You’re willing to look within and own that you’re both amazing and flawed, accepting yourself right where you are, so you can move forward with ease
Li Yun Alvarado

I couldn’t recommend her more highly!

“Marie-Elizabeth helped me figure out, embrace, and articulate my true desires. Doing that work made me feel SO good, SO confident, SO empowered. Getting support as I worked on mySELF was a true game-changer.”

Li Yun Alvarado

Elena Williams

I started the session feeling hopeless and ended feeling confident!

“What I learned about myself and relationships during my RBI has influenced how I show up for both myself and other relationships, as well. I feel stronger and clearer about what works for me, and what I want in my relationships with others. “

Sarah Lange

Rae Leiner

The coaching feels like some advanced alchemy!

“Since engaging in this program I’ve been diving deeper into my own self-work because I’m seeking to create more spaciousness for hard conversations and change work.” 

Rae Leiner

About Marie-Elizabeth…

Marie-Elizabeth Mali is a Mentor and Brain-Trainer for high-achieving women who are hitting midlife and are ready to flow instead of push. They’ve done things the hard way to prove they could and are now longing for a renewal of passion, purpose, and play. 

Through her innovative blend of biohacking, shadow work and subconscious reprogramming, Marie-Elizabeth has developed a framework that empowers even the most hard-driving women to regulate their nervous system, trust their intuition and step into the Wisdom Zone where they don’t have to work so hard to be successful, feel radiant, and experience miraculous flow.

She offers private and group mentoring, as well luxurious retreats at her home in Los Cabos, Mexico.

Marie-Elizabeth has delivered two TEDx talks and her work has been featured in Thrive Global, Swaay, and Forbes.

Relationship Breakthrough Intensive

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this Wisdom Expander Intensive?

It’s in-depth, laser-focused coaching over a two-week span to help you get clear on and break through the #1 pattern that’s kept you from allowing your wisdom to fully guide you in creating magic in your life, the pattern that will continue to stop you from getting what you want until you change it.

Why do this?

No matter who you are and how much personal development you’ve done, you have patterns that show up and get in the way of your success. In your Wisdom Expander Intensive, we start with a two-hour deep dive to get to the root of the pattern and create your Action Plan on the spot, so you can begin taking action right away after our call. Then you’ll have two weeks to take these new actions and start getting new results, with check-ins and feedback along the way, before our final Follow-Up Call to see how we can adjust or expand your Action Plan to continue deepening into greater and greater levels of love and joy in your life long after our work together is done.

Why would I want to do this with you?

I grew up in three cultures and learned how to read the universal kind of human patterns that are shared across cultures and all types of people. And after over 20 years of practicing my work with individuals and couples around the world, I’ve become a leading expert in being able to see and navigate people’s patterns, help them get to the truth of where they come from and accept them, and release any shame they feel around them, so they can actually make the changes they need to make to get the love they want. As Carl Jung said, “We cannot change anything unless we accept it.” This Wisdom Expander Intensive is an integral step to developing a baseline of self-acceptance in order to be able to step into your wisdom at a deeper level and take action with clarity and ease.